Company behind brands Flare Collection is Flare Trading, which was founded in 1993. Roots of the company go back to 1960’s, when Mr. Raimo Aaltonen got into clothing industry. His greatest passion throughout the years was to create long lasting quality coats with stylish details for women of all ages and sizes. 

Aaltonen encouraged his employees to spend time in crowded Helsinki railway station to observe women passing by. What kind of coats they wore, how they looked like and most of all – what kind of coats they would need? Aaltonen thought that by doing all this the company could design quality coat collections to meet the need of modern women – and he was right.


Every woman is worth of beautiful, warm and well-tailored coat.
This is still the leading idea of next generation of the family company.
Mr. Larri Aaltonen is sharing his late father’s passion to lead the company and provide coats with high quality to
keep women warm with style.